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John Wesley

A Plain Account of Christian Perfection Online book.  If a person wants to investigate the doctrine of entire sanctification then it makes sense to consider the views of the founder of Wesleyan Methodism.

Charles Ewing Brown
The Meaning of Salvation 
The Meaning of Sanctification
Online books.  C. E. Brown taught at Anderson University and played a seminal role in the maturing Church of God (Anderson) view of holiness.

Russell Raymond Byrum
Christian Theology (.pdf download)
Holy Spirit Baptism and the Second Cleansing 
Online book.  R. R. Byrum's great work, Christian Theology, was the word in the Church of God (Anderson) concerning systematic theology from a scholarly standpoint for decades.

Henry Orton Wiley
Christian Theology 
Three volumes, online book.  H. Orton Wiley, a Nazarene scholar, wrote the most popular Wesleyan systematic theology textbook of the 20th Century.

William Carvosso

Life of William Carvosso
This is a .pdf download.  Carvosso, a contemporary of John Wesley, is one of the greatest soul-winners in Methodist history. 

William Burt Pope
Compendium of Christian Theology
Volume I
Volume II
Volume III
(These are .pdf downloads.  I have yet to find a more beautiful Wesleyan writer than William Burt Pope.  His thoughts are stirring and profound.)

Maurice Berquist

The Miracle and Power of Blessing
This is a .pdf download. This Church of God pastor wrote an engaging (and titillating) book on how to bless God, yourself and others.  Berquist believed literal things happened when blessings were spoken over people, events and even inanimate objects. 

Leland Ryken
The Word of God in English
This is a .pdf download.  Dr. Ryken is an English professor at Wheaton who was a paid literary consultant for the English Standard Version, my preaching Bible.  Read this copyrighted work legally and free at the site.

William J. Harney
Praying Clear Through
This is a .pdf download.  A Methodist evangelist from Wilmore, Kentucky, Harney published this book during 1915.  It is a simple book and, yes, repetative, but it is a fascinating book on how God acts when we "pray through."  There are some real life examples from his ministry that can stagger you.

Tony Marshall Anderson
Prevailing Prayer
This is a .pdf download.  T. M. Anderson was a former Asbury College professor and powerful holiness evangelist.  This personal book recounts his deepening relationship with the Savior when he made a covenant with God to pray every morning in the early hours.  There are incidents in this book that can cause the hair on the back of your neck to stand up.

Additional Resources

Howard and William Hendricks
Living By the Book 
If you need a basic A to Z guide to understanding how to understand the Bible this is it!  I haven't found a better introductory book on learning Bible study on the subject.  Don't let the inexpensive price fool you.

Kenneth Effner Jones
Theology of Holiness and Love
 I was honored to know Dr. Jones a little during his twilight years.  This is the easiest-to-read systematic theology written by anyone in the Church of God.  Avail yourself of a lifetime of Dr. Jones' thoughts in this affordable volume.

Robert Shank
Life in the Son
While I respect my Calvinistic brethren I have a gentleman's disagreement with them over what they call The Doctrines of Grace, or the five points in TULIP. Shank was a Southern Baptist pastor who came to disagree with unconditional eternal security ("once saved always saved").  He wrote Life in the Son to publish his findings.  It is not surprising that at a point after its publication he felt the need to leave the denomination.

Ian Howard Marshall
Kept By the Power of God
A standard book from a gracious Methodist scholar that is (gently) against Calvinism.  

 Please note: inclusion of a book above does not imply my endorsement of all of its content.  Only the Bible receives my nihil obstat and imprimatur.  These works are included for their sizable contribution to my beliefs held today or their excellence in advancing significant points of view.