Social Issue Positions

I hold marriage to be between one man and one woman only. This marital covenant is before God and is to be for life. Divorce and remarriage for a Christian is acceptable if a spouse is sinned against by an adulterous partner (Mat 5.31,32; 19.1-9) or the "Pauline Exception," i.e. in the case of an unbeliever abandoning a believer because he/she converted to Christianity (1 Cor 7.10-16).

For a far more nuanced examination of the subject I have included three YouTube sermons from my channel, The Church of God Pulpit.  During my sermon series through the Gospel According to St. Matthew I came upon Christ's teachings on the topic in his Sermon on the Mount.

As an ordained minister, I, alone, determine before God whom my conscience allows me to marry or refuse to marry. In keeping with biblical requirements I will not wed a Christian to an unbeliever (1 Cor 7.39). Also, the directions concerning divorce/remarriage will be strictly followed (Mat 5.31,32; 1 Cor 7.10-16).

All sexual relations are to be within the marital bond. Fornication (extramarital sex), adultery and other sexual acts are sins.

Practicing homosexuality is contrary to God’s original design of one man for one woman (Gen 1.26-28; Rom 1.18-27) and is sinful. I do not support “same-sex” marriages because God creates marriages, not the legal system (Mark 10.9) and such pairings do not exist in his eyes.

Transgenderism, gender fluidity or gender identity does not exist in the eyes of God.  God created male and female (Gen 1.27; Mat 19.5) and he didn't mismatch our bodies with our true identities.  

Euthanasia ("mercy killing") is murder.

I am pro-life. I accept abortion only to save the life of the mother.

In-vitro fertilization is morally evil for it creates children in a petri-dish and then freezes them in the embryonic stage. This process keeps the unused children in suspended animation and, thus, treats these individuals as sub-human.

Embryonic stem-cell research is infanticide.

Raffle tickets, lotto numbers and all forms of gambling are exploitations of the poor, the desperate and the mathematically challenged (Pro 22.22a).

The current fascination conservative evangelical Christians have with alcohol both bewilders and saddens me.  See my page on Alcohol.

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