Years ago a Kentucky pastor named Bill Neace was returning to his church after hospital visitation.  He was stopped at an intersection in Lexington.  Neace saw an old building, set off from the road, that he had never noticed before.  Above the door of the aged structure a sign with fairly large letters announced:

It stuck in Neace's mind as he drove back to Eastland Parkway Church of God.  He thought,
It reminded me of this text of Scripture [in Acts 4:31] where it says, "And when they had prayed the place was shaken"—shaken by God's power.  And I began to wonder what it would be like if all of our people in the congregation there would determine that there would be no place anywhere near our place like our place, and that people all around would come to know that our place was the place of God's blessing.
We here at Green Valley Church of God don't believe we are better than other churches.  We aren't in competition with anyone.  We just want to be known as a place where people can experience God directly and be blessed by his presence immediately.  We believe every church should have this desire.

Please give us the opportunity to introduce you personally to God.

And welcome home!


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