About Me

looking all official in my Geneva gown (preaching robe)

I am a 45-year-old living in Princeton, a beautiful town that is part of my native Mountain State of West Virginia.  I am the senior pastor of First Church of God.

I lived for several years in Cannonsburg, Kentucky and went to college in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

I grew up reading The Hardy Boys.  In my mind I was the third Hardy brother who helped Frank and Joe solve dangerous cases.  Today I enjoy reading theological books by old dead guys, either by book, computer or Kindle.

revival at Middle Grave Creek
Church of God
Preaching expository sermons and teaching Bible/theology are the thrills of my life!  Preaching & Preachers by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones is the book that best describes my philosophy of preaching.

My favorite title is bishop:

"one who has the responsibility of safeguarding or seeing to it that someth. is done in the correct way, guardian..." (BDAG 279)

"The term was taken over in Christian communities in ref. to one who served as overseer or supervisor, with special interest in guarding the apostolic tradition..." (BDAG 279)

I am left-handed and blue-eyed.

I cheer the West Virginia University Mountaineers in football and basketball.  (Even though they lose.  A lot.)

I am an extremely low-maintenance guy.  I admit to using (and liking!) Aqua Velva.  However, at present I usually sport some Ralph Lauren Polo Red Extreme.

my father and I baptizing a convert in Browns Creek
Newsboys was my favorite Christian group (under Peter Furler).

I'm a history buff.

I portrayed Judas Iscariot several times in a Last Supper play.

My Education

Mid-America Christian University (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
(Formerly Mid-America Bible College)
Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministries and Bible/Theology with Koine Greek, 1993 (Salutatorian)

My Ordination

Ordained an Elder, West Virginia Ministries of The Church of God (September 1995)

leading/preaching at the Rippling Waters Church of God
Campground's Chapel by the Lake