6 A Word About Holiness (Wesleyan Theology Series)

The doctrine of sanctification has been pivotal to the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana) for good reason. To be holy is to be owned by God and set apart for his purpose. Holiness is the heartbeat of the Christian life.

4 A Word About Christ (Wesleyan Theology Series)

Who is Jesus?  What has he done, and what is he doing now?

5 A Word About Salvation (Wesleyan Theology Series)

How exactly does a person become a Christian? What is he "saved from? What happens to him when he "gets saved"? We answered these questions in lesson 5 of our series.

14 What Leads to Revolt and Bloodshed?

Writing anywhere from AD 40-49, the Epistle of James, the half brother of Jesus, was the first New Testament book composed. James appeared to have a good grasp of the Jewish/Greco-Roman world's unrest at that time and warns his Christians not to pick up the sword of revolt. If the ancient world had listened to James the horrific events at Jerusalem, the Temple and Masada never needed to happen.

12 Why Most Christians SHOULDN'T Become Christian Teachers

Initials in the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana)

In the early days of the Church of God reformation movement we knew our preachers/leaders by their initials.  From A. F. Gray to D. S. Warner their initials were burned in our minds.  However, from a historical standpoint their actual names can be lost to history if we don't preserve them.  Here is my short list of full names on various men.  I don't know all of their full names; if you can supply info then zip me a short email and help a brother out!

Boyce Watson Blackwelder
WF Chappel, John Chapel & Boyce Blackwelder

Charles Ewing Brown
Andrew Linnaeus Byers
Enoch Edwin Byrum
Russell Raymond Byrum
William Fielden Chappel
Albert Frederick Gray
Kenneth Effner Jones
Otto Fernand Linn
Charles Wesley Naylor
William Dale Oldham
Eugene Alonzo Reardon
Herbert McClellan Riggle
Frederick George Smith
Russell Eugene Sterner
Daniel Otis Teasley
Daniel Sidney Warner
Barney Elliott Warren

I need your help with these men:

Noah Holmes (?) Byrum
(and anyone else you can think of to provide me)

Introduction to Wesleyan Theology Series

101 The King Rejected His Hometown BEFORE Nazareth Rejected Him

100 The King was Prophesied in Scripture

99 The King on the Parable of the Net

98 The King on the Most Important Thing in the World

97 The King on the Expanding Influence of His Reign

96 The King on the Parable of the Wheat and the Weeds

95 The King Selects Those To Learn His Secrets

94 The King Explains the Four Conditions of the Heart

93 The King Describes His True Disciples

92 The King on the Sign of Jonah and Judgment

91 The King Explains that Words Reveal the Soul

90 The King Explains the Unpardonable Sin

89 The King Chooses the Weak and Vulnerable

88 The King Offers Freedom to Legalists

87 The King Contrasts Truth with Tradition

86 The King Offers His Disciples An Easy Yoke and a Light Burden

85 The Kind of People the King Provides Revelation

84 The King Damns Galilean Cities that Didn't Repent

83 People Reject Jesus' and John's Styles of Ministry

82 The King Declares His Disciples Greater Than John

81 John the Baptist Doubts the King

80 The King on Gaining Kingdom Rewards

79 The King Demands Absolute Obedience and Priority

78 The King Commands His Apostles Not to Fear People

77 The King Prepares His Apostles for Hatred

76 The King Prepares His Apostles for Persecution

75 The King Sends His Apostles on Mission

74 The King Commissions His Apostles

73 The King Teaches on How to Pray for Sinners

72 The King's Miracles Provoke Different Responses

71 Anything the King Touches Becomes Clean

70 The King on Stretching the Mind to Accept New Ideas

69 The King Welcomes Sinners but Rejects the "Righteous"

68 The King's Authority to Forgive Sins

67 The King's Authority Over Demons

66 The Authority of the King Over Nature

65 The King Demands Absolute Allegiance

64 Why the King Heals...But Not Always

63 The King is Amazed at the Faith of a Centurion

62 The King Exorcises Authority to Heal a Leper

61 The King Concludes His Sermon With a Warning About Hell

60 The King Warns Disobedient "Disciples"

59 The King Warns of False Prophets

58 The King on Two Gates, Roads & Destinations

57 The King on The Golden Rule

56 The King on Receiving Good Things in Prayer

55 The King on Judging

54 The King on Seeking the Kingdom

53 The King on Not Loving Money and Things (Part 3)

52 The King on Not Loving Money and Things (Part 2)

51 The King on Not Loving Money and Things (Part 1)

50 The King on Fasting Without Hypocrisy

49 The King on the Disciple's Prayer: Deliverance from Satan

48 The King on the Disciple's Prayer: The Conditions of Receiving Forgiveness

47 The King on the Disciple's Prayer: Our Daily Bread

46 The King on the Disciple's Prayer: God's Kingdom and Will

44 The King on the Disciple's Prayer: Our Father

43 The King on Secret Prayer

42 The King on Secret Giving

41 The King on Being Perfect

40 The King On Loving One's Enemies

39 The King on Retaliation and Generosity (Part 2)

38 The King on Retaliation and Generosity (Part 1)

37 The King on Telling the Truth

36 The King on Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage (Part 3)

35 The King on Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage (Part 2)

34 The King on Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage (Part 1)

33 The King on Cutting off All Sin and Temptation

32 The King on Lust

31 The King on Reconciliation

30 The King on Murder and Anger

29 The King Judges Those Who Abuse the Bible

28 The King Fulfills the Old Testament

27 The King Warns Worthless Disciples (Part 2: Light)

26 The King Warns Worthless Disciples (Part I: Salt)

25 The King Blesses Those Persecuted for Himself

24 The King Blesses Those Persecuted For Righteousness' Sake

23 The King Blesses the Peacemakers

22 The King Blesses the Pure in Heart

21 The King Blesses the Merciful

20 The King Blesses Those Starved and Parched for Righteousness

19 The King Blesses the Meek

18 The King Blesses Those Who Mourn

17 The King Blesses the Poor in Spirit

16 The King Restores What Sin Has Broken

14 The King Gathers His Messianic Community

13 The King Begins His Mission