Friday, April 29, 2016

37 Foreknowledge, Predestination, Calling, Justification & Glorification

Paul reassures suffering Roman Christians that from eternity past "The Lord knows those who are his," (2 Tim 2.19 ESV) and that God has predetermined how he will get his saints to ultimate glorification on the Last Day.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

53 The King on Not Loving Money and Things (Part 3)

King Jesus was blunt: you either are his slave or you are a slave to your own money and the possessions and worldly pursuits they buy.  Is Jesus or your wealth master of your life?

36 All Things Work Together For the Good

How can we be sure God will take the train wrecks of our lives and get us right where we need to be? Joseph is our case study.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

52 The King on Not Loving Money and Things (Part 2)

Jesus uses a metaphor of the human eye being a lamp that allows in worldly pursuits or heavenly affections.  Do we want God and his will more than we want money and the things it can buy?  It depends on if our orientation is set on earth or if it is set on heaven.

51 The King on Not Loving Money and Things (Part 1)

Third World Christians would look with amazement at the riches that choke American believers. Jesus ordered his disciples to stop living to accumulate stuff and thus be tied to this earthly existence which is temporary. Rather, he ordered his Christians to seek things of eternal worth. What are the implications of King Jesus' teachings for 21st Century Christians today?

35 The Holy Spirit Prays for Us

It's common for Christians to be bewildered at times on what to pray for how or even how to pray. During these times believers can take comfort from knowing that the Holy Spirit is our prayer partner.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

50 The King on Fasting Without Hypocrisy

Jesus simply assumed his followers would fast; it was an act of piety in Judaism.  However, the king wanted his disciples to fast to be seen by the Father and not praised by other Christians.