Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Mystery of the Heavenly Bracelet

I heard a wonderful story this morning in my church office at First Church of an event that happened recently. Our main maintenance guy on staff, Mack, attends Fairview Christian Community Church.  Mack had a glorious incident to share with me.  Mack's pastor, Larry Dyer, has Parkinson's Disease.  (He soon will receive deep brain stimulation at a Nashville hospital to treat his tremor.)

About three weeks ago Larry's congregation came up to their pastor to give him cards and encouragement.  After that Sunday morning worship service Larry noticed something amazing.  On his wrist was a bracelet that he had never seen before.  He didn't recall anyone putting it on his wrist that morning, either.  It said something similar to, "I can do all things through Jesus Christ."  

Larry noticed that afternoon that the encouraging bracelet was gone!  He and his wife looked for it and they found it, of all special places, underneath his Bible.  Larry put it back on and hasn't taken it off!

Isn't that a glorious story?  Nobody claims to know from where this mysterious bracelet came.  He doesn't know how it got on his wrist, back off his wrist and underneath his Bible.

What a merciful God we serve!