Friday, November 7, 2014

The Five Dollar Blessing

This past Sunday my mother attended morning worship with me at my new pastorate, First Church of God.  I found out that she was going to put five dollars in the offering plate; I told her she didn't need to do so and reminded her that the church website asks first-time visitors not to give money.  Mom followed my direction and held on to the five dollar bill.

Today she called me excitedly, needing to share an experience that happened yesterday.  My parents were at a fast food restaurant where they saw an older employee cleaning.  She was happy and friendly to the guests.  Dad felt the desire to tip her.  He asked Mom if she had five dollars and she did—the very bill that she was going to put in the offering plate at First Church.  Dad walked up to the worker who was then seated for a meal.  He asked if workers were allowed to receive tips.  The lady seemed surprised and told him she didn't know.  Dad discretely took the $5 and placed it on the table with his hand over it.  After he removed his hand she placed her hand on top of the money.

Dad and Mom saw her begin crying over the money.  They were amazed when, as they were leaving, she hugged them both and told them her story.  She wasn't going to get paid until Friday (today) and she didn't have enough money to ride the bus to work.  It was on her mind.  How was she going to pay?  Dad followed a desire and unwittingly paid her fare...and then some.

A five dollar blessing?  Well, numerically it was but I have a feeling it was of much more worth to the worker than five hundred pennies.

God is good...all the time.