Friday, June 13, 2014

Learn Biblical Hebrew & Greek...for Free

With the global internet learning opportunities are greater than at any other time in human history.  I'd like to share one example with you.

Did you know that you can learn the basics of biblical Hebrew and Greek online for free?  While many free resources abound I'll highlight two examples.  All are YouTube videos.

Biblical Hebrew

The Master's Seminary hosts two graduate study years of Old Testament Hebrew.  The teacher is William Barrick.

Hebrew Grammar I (semester one, 22 lessons)
Hebrew Grammar II (semester two, 26 lessons)
Hebrew Exegesis I (semester three, 11 lessons)
Hebrew Exegesis II (semester four, 13 lessons)

Biblical Greek

John Moore of World Video Bible School teaches the basics of koine (Hellenistic) New Testament Greek.

Learning to Use the Greek New Testament (36 lessons)

To say this is generous and gracious is an understatement.  You've just been saved hundreds of dollars in instruction.  You can learn a workable knowledge of the two major biblical languages (not Aramaic, which just comprises a sliver of the Old Testament) for free.


I have watched very little of the above material.  I think it helpful to remind us that all Bible teachers have biases.  I certainly do.  I am a Wesleyan-Holiness Christian.  That affects how I interpret (and, perhaps in places, would translate, Scripture.)  It happens.  We all have biases/viewpoints that affect our objectivity.

William Barrick is a teacher at John MacArthur's Master's Seminary.  I assume Barrick is a pre-trib dispensational Calvinist.  John Moore pastors Dripping Springs Church of Christ.  I assume he holds to baptismal regeneration and other perspectives of the Church of Christ.  Therefore, you may find instruction colored by theological belief.  If it happens don't be surprised.  That's life.