Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ministry Wisdom

Over the years I've gained important insights about how church "works."  Here are a few principles that may not be on paper, and may even be unspoken, yet they are true from my experience.

1. There is no secret to church growth.  Most people begin attending a church because a family member or friend invites them.

2. People officially vote by ballot.  However, they also unofficially vote by checkbook and feet.  If people are unhappy they may withhold their money.  If a church has a Sunday evening worship service and few attend that means most have voted with their feet not to have one.

3. There are two types of leaders in the church: official ones with a title and unofficial ones that may, in fact, yield more power than official ones.  Figure out who the "real" leaders are—official or not—and convince them of needed change.  The congregation will follow.

4. Show me how Christians spend their time and money and I'll tell you what really is important to them, regardless of what they may say.

5. If a pulpit committee promises something to the pastor-elect, get it in writing.

6. Pick your fights; you will want to tweak/change many things.  Decide what issues are crucially important, pick those fights, and release the rest into the grace of God.