Friday, January 24, 2014

Facts are Not the Point

Sometimes words will jump from the printed page and take on a greater life than their immediate context.  It happened to me years ago as I read The King James Only Controversy by James White.  He defined the position of the most strident advocates among the KJV Only folks and he wrote:
In my experience, it is next to impossible to reason with such a person, for facts are not the issue.
Those words struck a chord within me.  They are true for so many people in so many dimensions in life.

Facts are not the point.

Have you ever experienced frustration when you've tried to reason with another?  You carefully lay out your case, only for it to be shot down with counter points.  However, have you ever had the feeling that no matter if you counter his counter points until his can't think of other points to counter with, he still won't concede anything?  So often in life, facts are not the point.  It is about feelings or desires or prejudices or biases.  Not facts.  Get used to it.  It happens all the time.