Monday, November 25, 2013

Church of God 2014 National Convention Moves from Anderson to Oklahoma City!

Wow.  People have discussed this before but for the first time it's happening.  The 2014 National Convention of North America ("Anderson Campmeeting") is moving from Anderson, Indiana to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma!  My guess is that new General Director Jim Lyon is instrumental in this change.  Lyon did mention that people could come to Anderson, which will be a "satellite" of the convention.  Live streaming at Madison Park Church.

I think moving the convention to Oklahoma City is a good thing.  OKC is the middle of the country and it opens the experience up to to more Church of God Christians.  Watch the video below:

Is this a new logo Church of God Ministries is using? We have a new website.

What happened to the triple flame?  I miss it.  ;-)

I see Anne Graham Lotz is speaking.  Also, the convention website teases us with two unnamed speakers: one "UNBELIEVABLE SURPRISE GUEST" and another "AMAZING SURPRISE GUEST."  Who is coming, the pope?  (Not that I would want Francis there, of course, but they are on dangerous ground of overselling it.  Maybe Duck Dynasty guys?)

On this page Lyon explains why the move to OKC, my old college town, happened.  It will be held at Crossings Community Church.