Thursday, August 22, 2013

Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty on Abortion

(No subtext, here.  You get his point.)

Questions & Answers

Q: Who is your favorite preacher?
A: Martyn Lloyd-Jones (dead) and John MacArthur (alive)

Q: What is your favorite Bible translation?
A: The English Standard Version (ESV)

Q: Who is your favorite biblical writer?
A: The Apostle Paul

Q: Who is your favorite non-biblical theologian?
A: John Wesley (dead) and D.A. Carson (alive)

Q: Who is the greatest Wesleyan writer?
A: William Burt Pope

Q: If you could choose one spiritual gift, what would it be?
A: Gifts of healings

Q: If you could study under one biblical scholar who would it be?
A: I. Howard Marshall

Q: Who should you read more?
A: Thomas Oden

Q: What drives you crazy?
A: Liberalism

Q: What is your favorite food?
A: Pizza

Friday, August 2, 2013

Laugh or Go Crazy

This world is serious business; ministry is especially so.  That's why I am a big proponent of humor.  In short, if you don't crack up regularly you may, well, crack up.

It can be hard at times to draw the line between humor in ministry (and in the private/public life of a minister) verses taking it too far.  I'm not referring to "bottom shelf humor" as I call it—the risque and the ribald have no place in the life of a saint.  Sophomoric scatological "latrine humor" doesn't do it for me, either.  While we all need to laugh we don't want to unwittingly make light of God or be facetious of holy matters.  It's not easy always to get the balance right.  Humor is subjective; sometimes a person has to be in the right mood to "get" the joke.  And sometimes a person just doesn't see the humor in the joke.

Give us the benefit of the doubt, forgive us and move on.  [laugh]

I like memes.  I post them on facebook.  I have a very  wry and very dry sense of humor.  I hope they come across "sounding" like I want them to, in the spirit in which they are shared.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Demons are Real

Yes, I believe in their existence.  I'm writing this short post because not long ago I came across a fascinating account concerning demonic activity and Dr. Daniel B. Wallace, one of the premiere biblical manuscript authorities alive today.  What makes it even more interesting to me is where he teaches; Dallas Theological Seminary hardly could be called a hotbed for continualist thought.  Consider this:
Several years ago, Dr. Daniel B. Wallace (’74) — a Biola graduate and professor of New Testament at Dallas Theological Seminary — was asked to perform a house exorcism. The wealthy Christian homeowner reported poltergeist phenomena that began when his father moved in. As Wallace and a colleague prayed through the rooms, objects began to move, according to Wallace. 
“It was small objects, like magnets on the refrigerator flying clear across the room. It was really remarkable,” said Wallace, who once doubted that demonic activity occurs today. He’s now writing a book arguing that many evangelicals have become unbiblically antisupernatural.
I wish I could find a more complete account of this exorcism.  You may wish to read his article, "Who's Afraid of the Holy Spirit?"  He also helped compile a book of the same title.

Wallace isn't the only Dallas teacher to delve into the demonic realm.  Dr. Merrill Unger was a published writer on the subject.  I just found this snippet fascinating, having come from the noted koine Greek expert.