Sunday, February 5, 2012

Free Full-Length Sermons by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones!

From the MLJ Archive (formerly Living Grace) is the official podcast for the late preacher, D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981). It is now offering a free full-length mp3 sermon each week! Previously Living Grace offered half a sermon weekly so it took two weeks to get the entire message.

Click on this link to From the MLJ Archive to download this week's sermon; there are a few past full-length sermons in the archives that can be downloaded as well.

***NOTE: Lloyd-Jones is one of my favorite preachers but understand that he was a Welsh Calvinistic Methodist with more in sympathy with George Whitefield, Howell Harris and Daniel Rowland than John Wesley. (But MLJ was quite magnanimous toward the Wesley brothers and John Fletcher, an attitude that I fear is lacking at times on both sides of the aisle today.) Take the best of his Methodism while discerning his Calvinism.