Wednesday, February 1, 2012


A while back I saw this sign outside of a congregation. It gave me pause and I snapped a pic. The sunlight makes it a bit hard to see but this church was going to begin a new contemporary worship service.

It bothered me. Not because this church has contemporary worship because I am a product of my times and enjoy contemporary worship. No, it was something deeper. They were advertising (and advertising is fine) to the community around them: "We have contemporary worship!"

I looked at it from the standpoint of a sinner, one outside of a relationship with Christ. Would such a sign mean anything to him? Remember Ted Haggard's viewpoint from an earlier blog entry:
...most non-Christians can't even imagine what they view as "exciting" going on inside a church.
Could most sinners even imagine what "contemporary worship" is, anyway? Do they even have a category in their minds to file this new piece of data?

My question is this: Is this sign effectively targeting sinners who the church is trying to win or unwittingly tempting Christians from other churches who are unsatisfied with the "boring" worship services being offered in their services?

I am not impugning the character or integrity of the congregation or the pastor; I don't know the motivations that went behind posting the sign. It just gave me pause; that's all. There is a wider issue that this sign touched off in me. Are we churches as a whole looking to do the hard work of changing goats into sheep [evangelism and discipleship] or are we content with stealing sheep from other congregations' flocks?