Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why Doesn't Revival Come?

But from there you will seek the LORD your God and you will find him, if you search after him with all your heart and with all your soul. (Deuteronomy 4:29 ESV)

You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart. (Jeremiah 29:13 ESV)
In 1946 the director of "The Wesleyan Hour" broadcast, A. J. Baughey, accused the Church in his work, The Ministry of Prayer:
True prayer is a powerful ministry in itself. It is a neglected ministry. We often hear of some who desire to "work for the Lord," and say they are "willing to do just anything He tells them to do," but too often the case is that of someone wanting to preach, be Sunday School Superintendent, or teach a class rather than become engaged in the ministry of prayer. By careful observation, I know it is easier to get people to sing, testify, teach, or even attempt to preach, than it is to pray. Announce a fifteen-minute prayer service before the regular service in any church and notice how many will respond! Very few indeed; however, thank God there are some exceptions. There are some folk who will rally for a little while, but to call together a good group who will unite in prayer continually, is practically out of the question. Is it any wonder the churches are cold and powerless?
God, forgive us!