Friday, March 4, 2011

Wayne Grudem on Prophecy and Miracles Today

Recently I found a two-part interview between blogger Tim Challies and Wayne Grudem on cessationism vs. continualism (Do "miraculous" gifts still operate today or have they stopped?).

Grudem is interesting because he holds strong academic credentials (B.A. Harvard, M.Div. Westminster, Ph.D. Cambridge) and teaching history (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Phoenix Seminary). He is the author of the über popular Systematic Theology (which I own), among other works. Grudem was heavily involved in the making of the English Standard Version, my favorite Bible translation. He is both Reformed (Calvinistic) and a continualist.

We in the Church of God (Anderson) are open to spiritual gifts and miracles though we tend to get suspicious of what many people claim to be the gift of tongues.

Read it for yourself!