Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A. J. Baughey: Thanksgiving and Healing

Don't neglect the important aspect of worship in prayer. Wesleyan preacher, Aaron J. Baughey, in his book, The Ministry of Prayer, shares an exciting incident from one morning's prayer session:
Although petition does not have first place in our prayers, it does have its place. It means, "that which is asked or supplicated" in prayer. If you will excuse a personal reference let me say, it has become a habit with me to begin my prayers "with thanksgiving." This always blesses us when we begin giving thanks to God for what He has already done for us, and soon we are in a good spirit of prayer, and know better how to make our petitions known to God.

This experience will throw some light on the thought: I retired on Saturday night with a sore throat; upon arising for my early prayer the next morning, I discovered my throat was still sore although before retiring I had asked the Lord to touch me. I had begun to pray however before I paid much attention to my feelings, and was thanking the Lord for His manifold blessings when I noticed I still had a sore throat. At once I was impressed to ask God to touch me, but I realized if I did, it meant I would have to stop thanking Him for all He had done, and I had not finished as yet with praising God. The Spirit seemed to check me at this point, so I continued praising the Lord, and by the time I got through with my praises I discovered to my delight that the soreness was gone from my throat. Probably had I broken off my praise and prayer of thanksgiving to petition God for my throat, I would not have been relieved as quickly; however, you see God knows our needs and granted my petition before I asked Him, for He knew I was going to ask Him to touch my throat after I had finished praising and thanking Him.
Praise the Lord! Worship God! Thank him for who he is and what he does!