Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Hate "Slick" Christianity

I hate "slick" Christianity. That is, I hate it if I think a church is trying to be slick. It's hard to define but recognizable when seen. It's a gut feeling. When I see a website for a church that's trying to be slick it screams,
Look at us! Come to us! We're cool! We're relevant! We're happening! You won't have to be ashamed around your buddies to admit you come here! We're popular! Since we're cool then you'll be cool if you hang with us!
Sick. And slick.

When a church won't put on her website what denomination/affiliation she belongs to. Because she seems ashamed of them. Because they're not cool like she is.

When a pastor wears jeans with an un-tucked button-down shirt. And doesn't preach but talk. And the website says his sermons are "relevant" for your life. Affectation.

When a church tries to project an aura of being deliriously happy.

When the name of the church might as well become trademarked because it seems so commercialized, stylized and accessorized.

When the church and her leadership becomes a product to get you to buy week after week. And sell your friends on buying, too.

I actually heard of one church that passed out free beer to increase attendance! It worked. But Jesus wasn't smiling.