Tuesday, March 1, 2011

H. E. Baker and His Holy Spirit Vision

Free Methodist Church evangelist, H. E. Baker, knew experiences in the Holy Spirit. In his book, Modern Visitations of The Holy Ghost, the preachers shared some special times of refreshing. As he described in one place:
...we must have continual baptisms, or (you may call it) fresh anointings. On one occasion these waves of glory swept over my soul like an incoming tide from three o'clock in the afternoon until nine o'clock the next morning. I rolled on my bedroom floor until time to preach, staggered down the street to my pulpit, and preached on my knees for thirty-five minutes, while every person in the audience wept and cried, and there was not one sitting: all were on their faces crying unto God.
Brother Baker shared a detailed account from a July 1978 campmeeting in which Doyle Sadler preached:
Then, on Wednesday night, the great manifestation of the Holy Ghost was revealed. It was only 7:00 in the evening and thus no lights were yet needed. The evangelist as yet had not started to preach. The spirit of that service was high. In the beginning, as waves of old time power swept over the service, many were praising God and were drunk on the new wine. As the preacher began, I was sitting not more than eight feet from one wall and six feet from another since I was near the corner of the tabernacle. With my eyes on the preacher and my heart and soul drinking in the truth of the message, I noticed something strange, that where I sat, (and I sat alone in the corner) it was much lighter than the rest of the tabernacle. But being caught away now by the message, I kept my eyes upon the evangelist. Then the light increased and my peripheral vision caught sight of what appeared to me as one effulgent ball of fire. Without taking my eyes off the preacher, I gazed with my peripheral sight to see if any new wires had been installed or if any lines ran along the top plates next to the roof or upon the floor, but there was none. Still I had never taken my eyes off the evangelist. I sat there for twelve to fifteen minutes trying to figure out in my mind what this light was. Then, as the preacher paused for a moment, I turned to look. And as I turned, I saw before my eyes a blazing bail that was as bright as the sun. It was about as large, I would say, as a honeydew melon. At this there came a flash and then a sound like that of two hot or live electric wires touching one another and then the Holy Ghost was gone as far as the light was concerned. Only His power remained to help and to bless the people of God.

After the service, with no lights yet turned on, I left my seat and took about five steps and stood under the place where God's light had appeared. I noticed how bright and clean the rafter was. And as I stood there I wanted to reach up and touch the place where the Holy Ghost had appeared, because it was whiter than the other rafters, but I was afraid that the power of God's Spirit would drop me to the floor so I turned and went my way.

I said nothing to anyone. But the ecstasy that took hold of my being was indescribable. As waves of glory swept over my soul, I could not contain it all. I felt that I would die if God did not lift His hand. After a great service, with a great many finding victory, I went to my room. I thought when I retired that now having seen God the Holy Ghost, I would die during the night. But at 6:00 the next morning, my body still weak from the night before I went to early prayer.

At 11:00 A.M. we had another service and the power of God came on the people like rain. The preacher carried us out in the Spirit. The altar was full of seekers and among them were a number of preachers seeking for the baptism of the Spirit. I did not go up around the altar, as I felt that God was holding me back; for what, I did not know. But I remained in my seat.

After about twenty minutes, and no one had gotten the victory; God said to me, "Now go over, and take hold of that young preacher's hand who seeks the second blessing." So I arose as I was told to do and went to him. I was standing and as I put my right hand into his, I said, "Stand to your feet;" and as he did the Holy Ghost baptized him with fire and power and he shouted the victory. And whenever my eye caught his, the glory would -- I praise God -- come again. God then sent me to others at the altar, about seven or eight more, and that same thing was repeated over and over again. And this was carried on into the rest of the camp. I cannot say how many that God brought through to victory that way.

After going to bed one night, someone called me to the place of prayer where they were waiting, and as my hands touched the seeker, God's power fell and victory came. Now I was not alone in this. Others saw the same ball of fire, though as yet I had not told anyone. But they saw what I had seen the night after, and the next night.

There is a lot to tell you yet, but I will leave the rest to others. Only let me say this in closing. I was all but exhausted by the last service and to get away from the weight that I felt up front, I went to the back of the tabernacle, and sat there almost unable to sit up as I am eighty two years young. But once more the Holy Spirit said, "You go up to the front and take that woman who is seeking by the hand as you have others, and tell her to look up and stand up." I said, "O God, I cannot walk down there, but O God, if you will give me strength now I will obey you." In just one moment I was up and heading for the altar. Again I did as God told me. I took her by the hand and said, "Sister, stand up." and as she did so God the Holy Spirit filled her soul as she shouted the victory and entered into what we as Methodists (old-time) call the second blessing. And great was her joy in the Lord. So I say, "Glory be to God the Father, God the Son and God, O God the Holy Ghost world without end."
May God forgive us! In our church services we have much talking but so little power. It doesn't have to be that way.