Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wimpy Christianity

I listen to CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) on the Internet or over the radio...sometimes. I confess, though, that a good chunk of it is a turn-off for me. Why? Because too often the guys singing love songs to Jesus sound so metrosexual. Wimpy. Whiny. Ugh.

Don't get me wrong; the classic hymn, My Jesus, I Love Thee, is an unabashed love song to Jesus. It's also one of my favorite songs. Nothing wrong with that. Still, I want to shake the dudes on the radio and yell, "Man up! Stop sounding like a lovestruck chick!"

Offensive? Well, I mean it. Take some hints from Newsboys who can be tender toward the Lord but not sound so metrosexual about it.

Another thing that bugs me is religious art. How many depictions of angels have we seen that resemble a fairy godmother? Or babies? Give me a break! These are the celestial beings who are supposed to protect the elect? Really? With one POSSIBLE exception angels manifested themselves as men whenever the Bible mentioned the appearance of gender. Yes, I know angels are neither male nor female. But they manifested as men.

Is some dainty little rosy-cheeked cherub going to conquer a demon in combat? The archangel Michael doesn't strike me as a dainty dude. Or the angel with a flaming sword who guarded the entrance to the Garden of Eden. Or the angel that struck down the firstborn of Egypt. Or the angel that...

Man up! It's a dangerous spiritual world out there!