Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thomas Goodwin on Visitations of the Holy Spirit

The Puritan pastor-scholar, Thomas Goodwin, spoke of occasional visitations of the Holy Spirit that are life-changing. This would be part of his "experimental" Christianity:
The Holy Ghost comes down into our hearts sometimes in prayer with a beam from heaven, whereby we see more at once of God and His glory, more astounding thoughts and enlarged apprehensions God, many beams meeting in one and falling to the center of our hearts. By these coming downs or divine influxes, God slides into our hearts by beams of Himself; we come not to have communion with God by way of many broken thoughts put together, but there is a contraction of many beams from heaven, which is shed into our souls, so that we know more of God and have more communion with Him in a quarter-hour than we could know in a year by the way of wisdom only.
I would to God that every believer have experiences like this! D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones may have called this the "immediate and direct witness of the Holy Spirit." I call it glorious!