Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Christianizing the Calendar

(No, this blog entry isn't to be taken very seriously!)

You know how our current calendars (months and days) were named after pagan deities? What if we renamed it with a Christian emphasis? Here are my suggestions:

1. Months

I'd rename the months in honor of the Apostles. Using the order given in Matthew 10 as a guide, I have...
January = Peter
February = Andrew
March = James
April = John
May = Philip
June = Nathaniel (Bartholomew)
July = Thomas
August = Matthew
September = Thaddaeus (Levi)
October = Simon (the Zealot)
November = Matthias
December = Paul
Since there are two apostles named James both of them share one month. Matthias was chosen to replace Judas' vacant apostolic seat. To round off the list I honored Paul with the last spot, no less an apostle than any of the previous ones.

2. Days

What of the days of the week? I would've been neat if I could use Jesus for Sunday and then his earthly family for the rest of the week. However, Joseph and Mary had a son named "Joseph" so I'd have to say something like Lordday, Josephday, Maryday, Jamesday, Josephsonday, Simonday and Judeday (Matthew 13.55; Judah wrote a NT book called Jude. He is also called Judas in the Matthew passage. Jude, Judas and Judah all mean the same thing.)

Here's a possible list including Christ and early workers in the Church:
Sunday = Lordday (Jesus Christ, obviously)
Monday = Markday
Tuesday = Titusday
Wednesday = Lukeday
Thursday = Timothyday
Friday = Judeday
Saturday = Stephenday
You can substitute this list with various other workers. You could use the 7 men selected to see to the distribution of food to the needy widows (Acts 6.5). You could use OT prophets' names. The possibilities are extensive!

What names would you assign?