Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm An Old Soul

Today I helped my father install a new air conditioner in his camper at Rippling Waters, the West Virginia Church of God (Anderson) owned campgrounds. I had some extra time so I walked the short distance to the beautiful chapel by the lake and went inside. I snapped this picture with my cell phone while standing at the pulpit.

I prayed for the campmeeting that begins this Monday, August 2, and runs through Sunday, August 8. I want a Great Awakening to begin this week on those grounds.

I'm an old soul. I'd rather learn of accounts of revival from 100 years ago then read the "It" book that will be published by a Christian bookseller next week.

Recently I listened to a 30+ year-old recording of an old minister exhorting a convention congregation to be entirely sanctified. He wasn't scheduled to preach, just exhort the crowd. God took over and an altar response ensued. The Spirit moved.

It made me feel sad, though. Not because it was sad but because I miss the days when saints shouted praises to God. I miss the days when people actually prayed at altars. I miss the days when we weren't so terribly concerned with looking educated and sophisticated and were so terribly concerned with God moving in the services.

What happened to us? What happened to the holiness people? I suppose it's the same thing that happened to our sermons on entire sanctification. The sermons disappeared...and then our fire did, too.