Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Must the Gospel and Christianity Be Revamped to Remain Effective Today?

I found a fascinating heavenly petition by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones on MLJ-USA.com. It is introduced as a prayer, "with which Dr. Lloyd-Jones opened one of the meetings at the Pensacola Theological Institute in August 1969."

Click here to play this prayer in his own voice

"O Lord our God, have mercy upon us. Forgive us especially, we pray thee again, for our folly - for our foolish talking about our century and the 'modern man', as if anything had changed.

Awaken us, we pray thee, and bring us to see that thy method is still the same, that the truth remains unchanged and unchanging, and that the power of the blessed Holy Spirit is in no sense diminished.

Lord, hear us. Revive thy work O Lord, thy mighty arm make bare. Speak with a voice that wakes the dead and make the people hear. And unto thee, and unto thee alone, shall we give all the praise and the honour and the glory, both now and forever, amen."