Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Holy Spirit Moves in the Ambassador Sunday School class at Meade Station Church of God

I found this archived section in an August 9, 2009 newsletter from Meade Station Church of God, a church I attended as a teen as my father pastored the congregation. I post it for your enjoyment:
As someone in class said a few weeks ago as Max Bowling was teaching the class, it became clear that “Max had experienced a ‘God Moment’ the week before. Although the points had beenon the class board for several weeks, Max presented a vivid and moving review of the four points: (1) God hears (2) God sees (3) God cares, and (4) God responds. The emphasis was on the point that God always responds!

On July 12., Connie Burns confided in the class
that, although she had spent much time in
prayer and study on the lesson, she did not feel
that she had a lesson. Linda Tackett spoke up
and confessed that her heart was beating so
hard that she felt compelled to relate what had
happened after Max’s class. She was awakened
several times in the night and given the lines:

From the first time you cried
He was paying attention
From the first time you cried
He knew your need.
Though you feel He’s not listening
Or working it out,

Remember He loves you
And there is no doubt.
He’s been working His plan
From the first time you cried.

The tears flowed and the whole class was moved
to a greater depth of knowledge of just how
much God hears, sees, cares and has plans to
respond---in His time, not necessarily ours!
Then, on July 19, Max was to teach again. He
stated that although he hoped the class had
studied the lesson for the day, that was not the
lesson he planned to teach. God had given and
anointed a different lesson for Max to present--


From Mark 5:21-24, 35-43, he read the story
about Jesus restoring Jairus’ daughter to life.
Jairus was the elected ruler of the local
synagogue and as such had been pressured not to
support Jesus. But when Jairus met Jesus, he fell
at his feet, abandoning all forms of dignity and
pride, a daring act of respect and worship. As
Jesus was going home with Jairus, he was
delayed by the woman with the issue of blood.
He took time to see to her need of healing of the
body and the restoration of her dignity. By the
time they arrived at Jairus’ house, they received
word that the daughter had died. Jairus crisis
made him confused and afraid. Jesus told Jairus
not to be afraid, but to believe.

Believe what? Believe what is not logical.
Believe although it is difficult, hopeless, illogical.
Ignore the skeptics. The unbelievers. Jairus
decided to believe Jesus. Belief conquers fear,
worry and dread.

The next time you feel hopeless and afraid, look
at your problem from Jesus’ point of view. He is
the source of all hope and promise. God hears.
God sees. God cares. And God does respond. In
his perfect time.