Monday, May 24, 2010

Why Revival Doesn't Come During Revival Services?

Apparently American Christians can only stand their God in small doses.

Revival series used to be two weeks, three weeks, a month, however long the Spirit led. I am old enough to remember when a church would schedule a revival series from Sunday through Saturday. Then it was shortened to Sunday through Friday. Now it is Sunday through Wednesday or Friday through Sunday if at all.

The problem with this is that it often took several days of Holy Spirit work to "warm up" a congregation of saints and collection of sinners in years gone by. Read the old books from old dead evangelists who talked of their protracted meetings and you may find this phenomenon cropping up. In his sermon "And the Country was Filled With Water" Duncan Campbell shared the testimony of a young evangelist who had no college training but was filled with the Holy Spirit. After two weeks the effects of the Spirit's internal ministry to hearts became apparent and the city was on spiritual fire by God. Today we don't give the Holy Spirit enough time to do his effectual work before we conclude the meetings!

Believing parents are too busy chasing their kids around soccer, dance, baseball, softball, recitals etc. The Christian parents themselves are too busy in their pleasures and pursuits to be inconvenienced with God more than once a week (most likely on Sunday morning), perhaps twice. Anything more and the pastors and the churches are demanding too much of them!

Why should God bother to show up? His alleged children don't even want to be bothered by him! God just gets in the way of what's really important to their lives.

People claim to want God...but only in small doses.