Friday, May 14, 2010

Should the Pastor be a Dictator?

Many years ago the late Church of God preacher, Horace Shepherd, shared one of the funniest illustrations I’ve ever heard. Shepherd re-told an encounter between an interviewing pulpit committee and Raymond Jackson. From my memory the story went something like this:
One of the board members (who was a known problem in the church) told Raymond Jackson, “Brother Jackson, we’re very well pleased…very well pleased. There’s only one thing—you’re known as something of a dictator.”

Jackson replied, “Well, Brother, let’s look into this ‘dictator’ business. There once was a family known as the Tator family. One Tator was named Commie. Commie Tator wasn’t a bad Tator. She just had to comment about everything. Another Tator was Speck Tator. Speck Tator wasn’t a bad Tator. He just looked around at everything. During prayer he would just be looking around. Then there was a Tator named Agie. Agie Tator! Commie couldn’t handle him. Speck couldn’t handle him. There was only one Tator who could, and that was Dick.” Pastor Jackson looked at the man and said, “If you’re Agie, I’m Dick!”