Thursday, May 13, 2010

Axe to Grind Series № 5: American Independence

John Wesley was no supporter of the War for American Independence. Speaking of the clamoring for Americans to be cut free from England, he declared in his Sermon 131, "The Late Work of God in North America":
The Stamp-Act was passed, and sent over to America. The malcontents saw and pressed their advantage; they represented it as a common cause; and by proper emissaries spread their own spirit through another and another colony. By inflammatory papers of every kind, they stirred up the minds of the people. They vilified, first, the English Ministry, representing them, one and all, as the veriest wretches alive, void of all honesty, honour, and humanity. By the same methods they next inflamed the people in general against the British Parliament, representing them as the most infamous villains upon earth, as a company of base, unprincipled hirelings. But still they affected to reverence the King, and spoke very honourably of him. Not long; a few months after, they treated him in the same manner they had done his ministers and his Parliament.
Sadly for him, perhaps, the malcontents won.