Monday, April 26, 2010

Uncle Bud Robinson: His Vision of Heaven

Reuben "Uncle Bud" Robinson (1860-1942) was a Methodist Episcopal evangelist who later joined the Church of the Nazarene. He was different.

Courtesy Classic Holiness Sermons

God made one of him and then smashed the mold beyond recognition. Robinson was the son of a Whiskey maker and barkeep from the hills of Tennessee. He was no scholar (and never pretended to be) but he saw over 100,000 people get saved through his folksy homespun ministry. He preached a strong message about second-blessing entire sanctification.

One of his prayers will tell you much about the man:
Oh Lord, give me a backbone as big as a sawlog, ribs like the sleepers under the church floor, put iron shoes on me and galvanized breeches, give me a rhinoceros hide for a skin, and hang a wagonload of determination up in the gable-end of my soul, and help me to sign the contract to fight the devil as long as I've got a fist and bite him as long as I have a tooth, then gum him till I die. All this I ask for Christ's sake. Amen.
Uncle Bud suffered a terrible accident as a pedestrian. A car both hit and ran him over. It shattered his body and took him months to recover. Soon after the accident when he hovered between heaven and earth he had a vision of Glory. Here are his words from his small but captivating book, My Hospital Experience:
About the second or third day after my smash-up. while I was near the gates of death, the angels of heaven came one day for me and carried me to heaven. I suppose this would be called a vision or something of that kind by most everybody, yet to me it was as real and as beautiful as it will be when I go up. I was carried to the gate of heaven and no mortal man can describe the scenery of that city. The gates of pearl and jasper walls and golden streets are just as real as the brick and mortar that go to make up the average city of the United .States, and heaven is just as real a city as Louisville or Cincinnati, or Chicago, or any other American city. It is the home of God, and I was allowed to go up and go in and see the city. There were millions and multiplied millions of angels, and they were more beautiful than I had ever imagined that an angel could be, but as beautiful as the angels were, they were not so beautiful as the redeemed saints. The saints were so beautiful that no pen nor tongue could describe their beauty. They were whiter than the driven snow. And while I beheld the saints, the great organs of heaven began to play. It was so beautiful that there is not a sinner in the world but what, if he could hear the music of that world, he would give his heart to God right on the spot.

After the big organs had played for sometime there were millions and million of saints gathered around the great white throne and they began to sing in the most beautiful tones of voice that 1 had ever heard. They sang an old hymn that I hadn't heard for some years, it was "Companionship with Jesus, O, How Sweet!" As they sang it seemed that all heaven rejoiced and the angels seemed to stand still while the saints sang the beautiful old hymn. And Jesus came out of the great multitude of those shining ones, and stood before me and began to talk with me. It was worth all the suffering that I have ever done. If I had been broken ten times as bad as I was, it would have been worth it all, to have made that trip to heaven and to have had Jesus come and look me over and talk with me.

My robe seemed to be whiter than the driven snow, and I was allowed to see my own heart. It was whiter than snow, and glittered like snow, mingled with gold or something of that kind;


...after Jesus had talked with me awhile He sent me back to this world to tell the people how He loves them, and wants to save all sinners and sanctify every believer and so purify their hearts that they can come and live with Him forever in His beautiful home, a the angels seemed to gather me up some way and brought me back to this world, and I opened my eyes and I was in room 303, in the big hospital in San
Uncle Bud related another vision he had after the accident when one leg was healed miraculously of pain:
At that time the District Assembly of the San Francisco district was in session in the Church of the Nazarene down in the city. I asked my wife to go down to the telephone and call Dr. Goodwin, and have him call the Assembly to prayer, that my leg was killing me. Dr. Goodwin called them to prayer, and I saw the prayers of the saints answered. It was the most remarkable thing I have ever seen, and when I say I saw the prayers answered, I don't just mean that they prayed and I got better. All of that took place, glory to God! but I saw more than that; I actually saw the prayers answered. While they were at prayer down in the Assembly Hall, I saw a stream of liquor gold come down from heaven. It was bigger around than my thumb, and seemed to be a stream of liquid gold poured out in heaven, and it was poured on my leg just above my knee, and the stream went down to my toe and back up over my leg to my knee again, and back down to my toe, and I opened my eyes and the pains were gone, and the pain in that leg never returned. I know this was the prayers of the saints.
Robinson had a vision of Jesus' face:
And I want to testify that during all these five months and a half that I lay on my back and suffered with my broken bones. and a sore back, and spent hours and hours so lonely, Jesus never left my bedside, and His presence was so real to me, that I could see His face on the wall.
Uncle Bud even had visions of Scriptures during the night:
And I want the world to know that the visions I had of Jesus, and the answers to prayer, and the wonderful revelations I had of God and His love for me, were worth so much that it would have paid me to have had all my bones broken, because through my broken bones, God revealed Himself as I had never seen Him nor known Him before. In the darkness of the night God has written verses of Scripture out on the walls of my room until I could read them as though I was reading by the sunshine at twelve o'clock in the day, and to my mind that is one of the miracles that God wrought in my case. To some people it might seem strange that God would allow me to get smashed and then while I lay on my back in the dark hours of the night, throw beautiful Scripture verses on the wall for me to read. It would seem to them to be all uncalled for, but God does many things that the unspiritual mind would never understand nor comprehend. And another beautiful thing about it all is, God never has to explain to other people why He takes some of His servants through such hard places.
Never doubt it for a second: during hard times Jesus truly is with his Christians, just as he was with Uncle Bud Robinson.