Sunday, October 4, 2009

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones on Revival

We have a special blessing offered from the Internet today! Part one of a sermon on revival preached by the late Welsh Calvinistic Methodist, D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, is online for free listening or download in .mp3 format! Anyone familiar with his watershed book Joy Unspeakable knows that The Doctor defined "revival" was when a group of people were filled with the Holy Spirit at the same time. (He also called it the sealing or the baptism with the Holy Spirit, etc.) Lloyd-Jones believed it was subsequent to salvation but, unlike Wesleyan Methodists, he didn't believe it was entire sanctification.

To download it for free one must register (for free) and will be given a download link. In part one Lloyd-Jones—a physician before he became a preacher—speaks of the church's need to diagnose properly its malady so it can know the method of treatment to correct it. Though he preached this sermon 50 years ago in 1959 it is still as urgent today. I'm eagerly awaiting part two that will be made available next Sunday!

(John Piper wrote an assessment of Lloyd-Jones and his belief in the baptism with the Spirit. You may find it here. Also, you may refresh your soul with a chapter from Lloyd-Jones book Spiritual Blessing. It's called "A Superabundance of Blessing" and may be read here.)