Friday, August 21, 2009

Don't Ask Why or How God Could Let This Happen

The great Calvinistic Methodist, the late Reverend Doctor D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones of London's Westminster Chapel, preached a great sermon on how sin ruined mankind's thinking process concerning spiritual things. Specifically, Lloyd-Jones addressed the issue of questioning God in times of disaster; the 20th Century preacher said it's the wrong question to ask.

You can listen to the Doctor's sermon by registering (for free) and then downloading the two part mp3 files to The Choice Facing Humanity. There are plenty of other free Lloyd-Jones mp3 downloads there, too, so enjoy this late orator of God. It may take you a few moments to get used to his Welsh brogue but I find it engaging.

By the way, anyone interested in Great Awakening who hasn't read his book, Joy Unspeakable: Power and Renewal in the Holy Spirit has missed a treat. One doesn't have to accept all of his conclusions (he was a Calvinist, not a Wesleyan) to glean great food for thought.