Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Evolution is Cancer

We live in a contradictory country.

In the United States we teach children in our public schools that the universe was created by a Big Bang. We teach them that all live evolved from a protein chain that itself evolved. We teach them that everything is a cosmic accident. We teach them that they, homo sapiens, are nothing but a series of mutations/adaptations over millions of years. We teach them that they are the highest link in the food chain but they are not transcendent from it. The only difference between them and a paramecium, we teach them, is happenstance evolution.

We teach them the science of a godless world. The universe is without Cause. They are here without an Intelligent Designer. They just are here due to some mathematical impossibilities. There is no Reason. There is no Purpose. They are just the sum total of their electro-chemical responses, nothing more.

And then we tell them that we have the moral authority to create capricious laws that govern their meaningless lives. Without a Designer what is right and wrong, anyway? Says whom? Without a Deity what are “morals” but a consensus of the majority oppressing the minority opinion? Might makes right? Morals are nothing more than a social construct where everything is relative to the era in which we live.

We tell them that evolution teaches the survival of the fittest but then enact legislation to protect species that we, the fittest, are harming due to our actions. Who cares about animals on the endangered species list? After all, if it truly is the survival of the fittest then the species that cannot adapt should become extinct. That’s the nature of things.

We place our children in a double-bind situation. We say:
You are nothing. You are a mutated accident from primordial soup with no more reason for being than an amoeba. You come from a universe that is nothing. It was an uncreated nothing and one day it will die as nothing.

You will be held responsible for things though you are nothing and your actions mean nothing. We will enact laws to pretend that we are something and that this universe means something though it is nothing.
Do we see the absurdity of this?

By the way, to teach children that we are nothing but a series of mutations is deeply disturbing to me. Why? Well, isn’t cellular mutation the very definition of cancer?

Evolution teaches us that everything living is cancer.

I believe that I am a creation of God. I am not cancer.

Are you?