Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Spill-Over Effect

Christianity holds out great promises for the Christian: God loves him, and wants to tell him so! In 1744 Wesley preached:

"'The love of God was also shed abroad in his heart by the Holy Ghost which was given unto him' (Rom. 5:5). 'Because he was a son God had sent forth the Spirit of his Son into his heart, crying Abba, Father!' (Gal. 4:6). And that filial love of God was continually increased by the witness he had in himself (1 John 5:10) of God’s pardoning love to him; by 'beholding what manner of love it was which the Father had bestowed upon him, that he should be called a child of God' (1 John 3:1). So that God was the desire of his eyes, and the joy of his heart; his portion in time and in eternity." (Sermons, # 4, "Scriptural Christianity")

However, is this revelation of the love of God to do anything? Is it only for something for us to enjoy, a personal token of the Trinity's love for us? Not according to Wesley it wasn't. He believed that love given was love to give. There is to be The Spill-Over Effect.

He further preaches from the same sermon:

"he that thus loved God could not but love his brother also; and 'not in word only, but in deed and in truth.' 'If God,' said he, 'so loved us, we ought also to love one another' (1 John 4:11); yea, every soul of man, as 'the mercy of God is over all his works' (Ps. 145:9). Agreeably hereto, the affection of this lover of God embraced all mankind for his sake; not excepting those whom he had never seen in the flesh, or those of whom he knew nothing more than that they were 'the offspring of God,' for whose souls his Son had died; not excepting the 'evil' and 'unthankful,' and least of all his enemies, those who hated, or persecuted, or despitefully used him for his Master’s sake. These had a peculiar place, both in his heart and in his prayers. he loved them 'even as Christ loved us.'"

Are your public relations an indicator of your soul? Do you express the love of Christ to others that Christ expresses to you? Splash the blessings around!