Monday, February 5, 2007

I'm Waiting For Wesley!

I have one more Christmas present yet to come. I am waiting for a 7 volume set of John Wesley's writings (7,488 pages) coming to me. It's on order from Christian Book Distributor and can be purchased here.
The set won't be released until March 1, 2007, so I've been waiting for weeks. I'm so excited!
It's possible that thousands of pages of John Wesley doesn't move you like it moves me. What gets you excited as you wait for it to occur?
Do we get exicted when we think of upcoming corporate worship services, thinking, "I'm going to enter the Presence of the Lord with his saints!"
Do we get giddy over the priveledge of pouring over his Word?
Do we feel a rush to realize we can pray to the Triune God at any moment?
Do we wait eagerly for Christ's Parousia, his Coming?
What gets us excited?
What should get us excited?