Sunday, February 4, 2007

Deliver Us From the Evil One Part 2

John Wesley had more experiences with the demonic recorded in his Journal. Let's consider two accounts in this post:

October 27, 1739

"I was sent for to Kingswood again, to one of those who had been so ill before. A violent rain began just as I set out, so that I was thoroughly wet in a few minutes. Just as that time the woman (then three miles off) cried out, 'Yonder comes Wesley, galloping as fast as he can.' When I was come, I was quite cold and dead and fitter for sleep than prayer. She burst out into a horrid laughter and said, 'No power, no power; no faith, no faith. She is mine; her soul is mine. I have her and will not let her go.'

"We begged of God to increase our faith. Meanwhile her pangs increased more and more so that one would have imagined, by the violence of the throes, her body must have been shattered to pieces. One who was clearly convinced this was no natural disorder said, 'I think Satan is let loose. I fear he will not stop here.' He added, 'I command thee, in the name of the Lord Jesus, to tell if thou hast commission to torment any other soul.' It was immediately answered, 'I have. L---y C---r and S---h J---s.' (Two who lived at some distance, and were then in perfect health.)

"We betook ourselves to prayer again and ceased not till she began, about six o’clock, with a clear voice and composed, cheerful look:

"Praise God, from whom all blessings flow."

October 28, 1739

"Returning in the evening, I called at Mrs. J---'s, in Kingswood. S---h J---s and L---y C---r were there. It was scarcely a quarter of an hour before L---y C---r fell into a strange agony; and presently after, S---h J---s. The violent convulsions all over their bodies were such as words cannot describe. Their cries and groans were too horrid to be borne, till one of them, in a tone not to be expressed,said: 'Where is your faith now? Come, go to prayers. I will pray with you. "Our Father, which art in heaven."' We took the advice, from whomsoever it came, and poured out our souls before God, till L---y C---r's agonies so increased that it seemed she was in the pangs of death. But in a moment God spoke; she knew His voice, and both her body and soul were healed.

"We continued in prayer till nearly one, when S---h J---'s voice was also changed, and she began strongly to call upon God. This she did for the greatest part of the night. In the morning we renewed our prayers, while she was crying continually, 'I burn! I burn! Oh, what shall I do? I have a fire within me. I cannot bear it. Lord Jesus! Help!'—Amen, Lord Jesus! when Thy time is come."

Satan seeks the destruction of souls. Don't cooperate with his desire; keep yourself devoted to Christ.