Thursday, December 28, 2006

Praying for Awakening Power

"During the great Welsh Revival a minister was said to be very successful in winning souls by one sermon that he preached--hundreds were converted. Far away in a valley news reached a brother minister of the marvelous success of this sermon. He desired to find out the secret of the man’s great success.--He walked the long way, and came to the minister’s poor cottage, and the first thing he said was: 'Brother, where did you get that sermon?' He was taken into a poorly furnished room and pointed to a spot where the carpet was worn threadbare, near a window that looked out upon the everlasting hills and solemn mountains and said, 'Brother, there is where I got that sermon. My heart was heavy for men. One night I knelt there--and cried for power as I never preached before. The hours passed until midnight struck, and the stars looked down on a sleeping world, but the answer came not. I prayed on until I saw a faint streak of grey shoot up, then it war silver--silver became purple and gold. Then the sermon came and the power came and men fell under the influence of the Holy Spirit.'"
-G. H. Morgan