Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Meeting God

When does God meet us?
When does Christ manifest himself to us?
When does the Presence of the Spirit of the Lord come and visit us?

Sometimes it happens when we sit and wait.

Sometimes the visitation occurs unexpectedly.

In his book, Christ Manifested, John Fletcher includes this advice:
Though the Lord works by means, in general, He ties Himself to none of them, and sometimes works without any. The same Spirit which fell upon Cornelius while Peter preached, fell upon Peter on the day of Pentecost, without any preaching. And the same Lord who opened Lydia's heart by the ministry of Paul, opened the heart of Paul by the sole exertion of His own power. From this we learn that, whilst on the one hand we must not, like the profane and the extremists, tempt the Lord by neglecting the use of any of the means He has appointed, so on the other hand, we must beware of confining God to particular means, times, and places, in the way that the bigoted and superstitious do. Remember that when we are cut off from all outward means, it is our privilege to wait for the immediate display of God's arm, in the use of the inward means.
Trinity may meet with you during holy communion.
Trinity may overwhelm you during a sermon.
Trinity may rapture your spirit during worship.
Trinity may fall upon you during prayer.
Trinity may visit you unexpectedly.

Pray to meet your God. Expect him to come. He will, when he chooses.