Monday, October 2, 2006

Reading Between the Lines

The Bible records the lives of real people with real emotions and real struggles. If we're not careful we can read the Scriptures with a casual disconnection. We must continue to be amazed at the unfolding of events before our reading eyes. If not, we can begin to see the Bible as a frozen text that is unable to move us.

Have you ever wondered...

1. What did Adam think when it dawned on him that he lost a garden paradise?

2. What did Abraham think when God commanded him to sacrifice his son? What did Isaac think?

3. What did Moses think when God denied him entrance into Canaan?

4. What did Samson think when his lover, Delilah, pulled a fast one over him?

5. What did Jacob/Israel think when he realized his sons lied about Joseph's death?

6. What did Jonathan think when he followed his God-rejected father to battle and to death?

7. What did King David think of his sin with Bathsheba if he equated it with the demise of Tamar, Amnon and Absalom?

8. What did John think when his brother, James, was executed by beheading?

9. What did Rabbi Gamaliel, grandson of Rabbi Hillel, think when Rabbi Saul of Tarsus converted to Christianity?

10. What did Paul and Barnabas think of each other when they fought over Barnabas' cousin, Mark, and then part company?

11. What did Peter think when Paul rebuked him in public?

12. What did John think if he knew he was the last living Apostle, the others having been murdered?

We can't make doctrinal statements about speculations--but we can be captivated by them.