Saturday, October 7, 2006

Giants Along My Path

One of the best books Warner Press ever published was Giants Along My Path, the autobiography of the late William Dale Oldham (1903-1984). Oldham, the first speaker of the Christian Brotherhood Hour (now Christians Broadcasting Hope) , bridged the gap between the Church of God (Anderson) pioneer days with the modern era. His casual writing style and wry wit is a source of perspective and encouragement to me. Dr. Oldham once took comfort from the following true story of a nervous young minister who became pastor of an important congregation in a university town.  Oldham writes in Giants:
He hadn't been there very long when he said to an elderly retired minister, "I am in a quandary as to what I ought to preach here. If I preach history, there sitting right in front of me, is a professor of history who knows more about the subject than I will ever know. If I preach in the areas of psychology, philosophy, or sociology the same thing is true. Teachers of all those subjects will be out there checking up on me." After hearing the young pastor out, the elderly minister advised, "Preach Christ to them, son. They don't know anything about him."  (218)
He who has ears to hear...