Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Finding Beauty in Unexpected Places

I like this picture; do you find it intriguing? Beautiful?

Would you still find it intriguing if you knew it was a dog's water bowel? It is!

Casey is a community dog. Even though my uncle, one of my mother's brothers, officially owns the dog, Casey is fed by multiple people besides him: Mom, her sister and even a neighbor.

Casey is a good dog; he'll warn any encroaching deer with a vigorous, "Woof! Woof!" (He knows how to give a good woof-woofing to anyone he doesn't know.) He's memorized the unique sound of different cars so he'll come running to greet his extended family. He eagerly walks Mom down to get the paper and mail.

Now, it's not for nothing that he's a good dog. Every morning he positions himself outside of Mom's back door, waiting for her contribution to his breakfast. Food, dog treats, combing and petting are all in order for Casey's life.

I snapped the picture of the bowel on my parents' back porch after I noticed the pretty leaves suspended in the water of Casey's drinking supply. It's an intriguing picture to me. It's beautiful.

John Wesley, in his characteristic matter-of-fact manner, recounts some observations in his Journal while in Rotterdam, Holland. One particular opinion of the elder statesman struck me as a bit humorous for June 14, 1783:
The women and children (which I least of all expected) were in general the most beautiful I ever saw. They were surprisingly fair and had an inexpressible air of innocence in their countenance.
Why he didn't anticipate to see such attractiveness in Rotterdam isn't revealed but John Wesley ended up finding exceptional beauty where he didn't expect.

If you appreciate God's creation then you, too, can find beauty in unexpected places.

UPDATE: We had to put Casey to sleep on October 17, 2013.  He was 16-years-old.  Casey was a good boy.