Saturday, September 9, 2006

John Fletcher: Spiritual Taste

In The Church of God (Anderson) we use grape juice and (often) wafers when we partake of Communion. While I can't say that the wafers taste much better than I imagine Styrofoam tastes, it still is a poignant ceremony that moves me when I receive the elements; our sense of taste is a bridge that brings us into worship of the Triune God revealed by the Son's sacrifice of himself.

John Fletcher believed that a Christian can experience spiritual taste as well. Consider his point of view from Christ Manifested:
As to the sense of TASTE, if believers have not a spiritual faculty of tasting divine things, what delusion must they be under when they read 'His fruit was sweet to my taste' or 'how sweet are Thy words unto my taste! Yea, they are sweeter than honey to my mouth'? On the other hand, how faithfully can they speak in this way, if they have themselves tasted the heavenly gift, and the good word of God and, as new born babes, have begun to desire the sincere milk of that Word! Surely, if they eat of the flesh of the Son of God, drink of His blood, and taste that the Lord is gracious, they have a right to testify, that 'His love is better than wine', and to invite those who 'hunger and thirst after righteousness' to 'taste that the Lord is good', so that they also may be satisfied with His goodness and mercy.
May we all have such a spiritual taste of things divine.