Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"Those Other Guys"

Welcome to Fetter Lane's 100th post! Any spiritual movement, to be successful, must have plenty of "those other guys", people largely ignored by the subsequent writing of history but, at the time, are indispensable to the cause.
(Copyrighted Picture Courtesy of Wesley Center Online. Used with Permission.)
I blog about John Wesley but we should never forget the sacrifices of the other Methodist ministers, including the three men pictured above: Reverends Vassey, Whatcoat and Coke. We are called "Wesleyans" but make no mistake--many ministers had a hand in the Great Awakening.

Are you praying for a Great Awakening of salvation and entire sanctification to shake America? Is your church doing the same?

Okay, maybe you'll never be a John Wesley, a John Fletcher or an Adam Clarke. Maybe the subsequent writing of history largely will ignore you.

But maybe God will bless you to be one of "those other guys" of revival.