Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Wesleyans Need Apply Within

I am convinced American Christianity needs Wesleyans desperately. Why? Because we are nowhere to be seen. I'll give you two examples:

Can you think of one―just one―prominent author (on the popular level) who writes from a distinctively Wesleyan viewpoint? I can't think of one.

Can you think of one―just one―nationally syndicated Christian television ministry that features a strongly Wesleyan pulpit? I can't think of one.

Now, we owe a debt of thanks to George Whitefield, the Wesley brothers' Calvinistic Oxford friend, because he introduced John to the concept of open-air field preaching to the masses. Still, with all due respect to Whitefield, I want Wesley's theology spread across the land.

Yes, America needs Wesleyans. Our message of Perfect Love and the Witness of the Spirit must be proclaimed to the people who stagger about like sheep without a shepherd (Matthew 9.36).

Heed John Wesley's comment on this verse from his Explanatory Notes:

"Because they were faint - In soul rather than in body. As sheep having no shepherd - And yet they had many teachers; they had scribes in every city. But they had none who cared for their souls, and none that were able, if they had been willing, to have wrought any deliverance. They had no pastors after God's own heart."

God, help us. Give us many Wesleys, Fletchers and Clarkes. Amen.