Sunday, July 30, 2006

Homo Unius Libri

What is your spiritual lighthouse that shows you the way to heaven?

After quoting some from his tract, "The Character of a Methodist", John Wesley penned these words in his grand work, A Plain Account of Christian Perfection:

"These are the very words wherein I largely declared, for the first time, my sentiments of Christian perfection. And is it not easy to see, (1.) That this is the very point at which I aimed all along from the year 1725; and more determinately from the year 1730, when I began to be homo unius libri, "a man of one book," regarding none, comparatively, but the Bible?"

I do not trust the ancient creeds to be the Word of God. I do not trust the Ante-Nicene Fathers to be the Word of God. I do not trust a Magisterium of bishops or Tradition to be the Word of God.

I trust the Bible to be the Word of God.

May I study many scholarly and devotional works in my life but, in the end, may I be Homo Unius Libri--"A Man of One Book".