Thursday, July 27, 2006

Axe to Grind Series № 2

This second entry into the lighthearted Axe to Grind Series comes by way of Wesley's Journal entry for Wednesday, January 16, 1760. It shows that even our venerable evangelist wasn't immune from a would-be prophetess giving a worthless "prophecy" around 250 years ago. Listen to the exchange:

"One came to me, as she said, with a message from the Lord, to tell me that I was laying up treasures on earth, taking my ease, and minding only my eating and drinking. I told her God knew me better; and if He had sent her, He would have sent her with a more proper message."

This is one of my favorite zingers in all of his Journal! I'd love to have a DVD of that moment in time! Can you imagine the look on Wesley's face as he said it? Or on her face after she heard it?

Be alarmed when either of these two things occurs:

1. God's voice is no longer heard
2. false prophets claim to hear him

He who has ears to hear, let him hear.