Saturday, June 17, 2006

Quirky Christians

I ran across a fascinating entry from John Wesley's hand. In a Journal entry for July 3, 1764, he observed,

"Tuesday, 3 (Leeds).--I was reflecting on an odd circumstance, which I cannot account for. I never relish a tune at first hearing, not till I have almost learned to sing it; and as I learn it more perfectly, I gradually lose my relish for it. I observe something similar in poetry; yea, in all the objects of imagination. I seldom relish verses at first hearing; till I have heard them over and over, they give me no pleasure; and they give me next to none when I have heard them a few times more, so as to be quite familiar. Just so a face or a picture, which does not strike me at first, becomes more pleasing as I grow more acquainted with it; but only to a certain point: for when I am too much acquainted, it is no longer pleasing. Oh, how imperfectly do we understand even the machine which we carry about us!"

Isn't that strange? Wesley didn't love music, poetry, faces or pictures until he grew to know them and then, after a time, he grew tired of them all!

That's quirky; Wesley admitted it about himself and further confessed that he didn't know why he was that way. I'm quirky, too...and so are you! Everyone has at least one thing weird thing about himself. It isn't a problem, it's just quirky.

Learning to live in a community of faith--a local congregation--is about learning to live with all the quirkiness. Yes, sometimes another person's quirks could drive you up the wall if you allowed them to. So don't allow them to!

Richard Weymouth translated Romans 15.7b as, "give one another a friendly reception, just as Christ also has received you, and thus promote the glory of God."

Embrace the family of God. Even the quirky ones.