Monday, May 29, 2006

Remembering Jesus Christ

Continue to remember Jesus Christ as risen from the dead, and descended from David, in accordance with the good news that I preach, for the sake of which I am suffering hardships even to the extent of wearing chains as though I were a criminal. But God's message is not in chains. (2 Tim 2.8,9)
The Apostle Paul reminds his son in the faith, Timothy, to keep remembering Jesus Christ. In this section of his letter Paul is attempting to strengthen Timothy's resolve in the midst of possible persecution for The Faith. The Apostle exhorts the younger minister to, "Take [his] share of hardships like a good soldier of Christ Jesus" (vs. 3). Paul wanted Timothy to count the cost of following Jesus and willing pay the price to do so.

We must continue to do so, too. The Christian life isn't an easy one, even if one isn't suffering persecution. It's a radical procedure whereby a person is cut from the enticements of the world and is called to live a life that is diametrically opposed to the values of the fallen world. Put bluntly, the Christianity is the antithesis of the world, a living rebuke to those walking in darkness.

That's why Christianity has been persecuted; in an attempt to squelch the message, many sinners have oppressed the messengers. Those taken captive by Satan to do his will have used derision, imprisonment and even murder to stop the gospel. But nobody can quench the light, because all of the darkness of the world is destroyed with the power of one candle.