4 A Word About Christ (Wesleyan Theology Series)

Who is Jesus?  What has he done, and what is he doing now?

5 A Word About Salvation (Wesleyan Theology Series)

How exactly does a person become a Christian? What is he "saved from? What happens to him when he "gets saved"? We answered these questions in lesson 5 of our series.

14 What Leads to Revolt and Bloodshed?

Writing anywhere from AD 40-49, the Epistle of James, the half brother of Jesus, was the first New Testament book composed. James appeared to have a good grasp of the Jewish/Greco-Roman world's unrest at that time and warns his Christians not to pick up the sword of revolt. If the ancient world had listened to James the horrific events at Jerusalem, the Temple and Masada never needed to happen.

12 Why Most Christians SHOULDN'T Become Christian Teachers

Initials in the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana)

In the early days of the Church of God reformation movement we knew our preachers/leaders by their initials.  From A. F. Gray to D. S. Warner their initials were burned in our minds.  However, from a historical standpoint their actual names can be lost to history if we don't preserve them.  Here is my short list of full names on various men.  I don't know all of their full names; if you can supply info then zip me a short email and help a brother out!

Boyce Watson Blackwelder
WF Chappel, John Chapel & Boyce Blackwelder

Charles Ewing Brown
Andrew Linnaeus Byers
Enoch Edwin Byrum
Russell Raymond Byrum
William Fielden Chappel
Albert Frederick Gray
Kenneth Effner Jones
Otto Fernand Linn
Charles Wesley Naylor
William Dale Oldham
Eugene Alonzo Reardon
Herbert McClellan Riggle
Frederick George Smith
Russell Eugene Sterner
Daniel Otis Teasley
Daniel Sidney Warner
Barney Elliott Warren

I need your help with these men:

Noah Holmes (?) Byrum
(and anyone else you can think of to provide me)